A good Marine knows when to listen

Codemasters launched ‘Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising,’ the sequel to a massively popular first-person tactical shooter.

The game itself is ultra-realistic, which separates it from the 'spray-and-pray' shooters that dominate the category. One of the key features of the game is that it puts you in the position of a real soldier, experiencing the battlefield as it actually is, especially with regards to sound.

Our concept focused on ‘situational awareness,’ a trait all Marines should exhibit. We wanted the viewer to see the battlefield like a real soldier. In this execution, we created a soundscape (in Dolby 5.1) from the individual sounds of weapons, as if you are inside a Marine’s head, waiting for the right time to strike back.

The final product was shown on T.V. and in cinemas and military bases across the U.K., U.S., Netherlands, and Germany.

Best played loud.


AKQA, London




Concept Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction