‘Keep Walking,’ done for the digital age

The Walker digital platform for Johnnie Walker by Tom Morhous and AKQA

Johnnie Walker continued to tell people to ‘Keep Walking,’ yet did nothing to enable them to do so. Our solution was simple – a mobile platform on which we released a series of apps that helped modern men and women progress in every aspect of their lives.


AKQA, London


Johnnie Walker


Concept Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction


Knowing about the world that surrounds you is of key importance to a progressive man or woman. The Walks allows them to pick a city, or a theme, and take a guided walk (complete with supporting media like film, photos, and MP3s). As they pass a ‘point of progress,’ the app alerts them, serving up the appropriate piece of content. At the end, a wee dram.


Putting a bottle of whisky down on a table has always been a status symbol. We endeavored to create a modern version of status with the digital Flask. A mobile gifting platform, The Flask allows you to give and receive free drinks at premium bars around the world.


Most people never realize that blended whisky is harder to make than single-malt whisky. Johnnie Walker, being a blender, has a wealth of whisky expertise. We thought it’d be useful to pass it on, by giving people a Mentor, who could coach you through the history and tasting process, then enable you with your own whisky journal, connected to a community of other enthusiasts.